Product Information

The Heating Controller HMBC-2100 provides monitoring and control group of heating boilers and domestic hot water boilers through direct burner operations. The HMBC -2100 adjusts the temperature of the circulating heating water in response to changes in the outdoor temperature by switching boilers ‘on’ or ‘off’.

To regulate the amount of hot water (domestic boilers) supplied to building the HMBC -2100 automatically keeps the Hot Water Temperature to setpoint entered by operator.

HMBC -2100 works as a standalone controller or can be connected to a Local Server, which provides additional parameters adjustments to HMBC-2100 based on apartment's real time temperature reading in order to improve the heating supply efficiency and avoid apartment over/under-heating.

When the HWHC-2100 is connected to the Local Server it can be monitored and controlled from the local Intranet and/or Internet with the appropriate authentication.

  • Ability to control up to sixteen heating and domestic hot water boilers.

  • Ability to control two motorized valves, two circulator pumps, combustion air dampers, and induced draft fan.

  • Supports 2-way motorized valve with the floating-point type motor.

  • Independent control for the Heating Water Boilers process and Domestic Hot Water boilers.

  • Day and night modes of operation.

  • Morning Boost period up to 120 min or Vari-Boost (the length of the Boost time depends on the Outdoor temperature).

  • Displays of the outdoor temperature, domestic hot water temperature, and heating system sensors.

  • Detects for open and shorted temperature sensors or their connections on status and diagnostic screen.

  • Consistent control even if fail of the temperature sensors. The heating process is not interrupted on this case, because of special procedures are implemented in the system.

  • Adaptable to different types of standard temperature sensors and boilers.

  • Provides compensator control for unusual weather conditions.

  • Programmable maximum and minimum system water temperature.

  • Internal real-time clock/calendar with backup battery.

  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time clock adjustment.

  • Automatically control of the pump with an adjustable outdoor cut-off.

  • Locally controlled by the four-button keypad and convenient menu.

  • Password protection for the critical parameters' settings.

  • Remotely controlled and/or monitored through the RS485 interface.