Product Information

RE-2104 can be used as a standalone local server, RS485 to Ethernet communication converter, communication buffer, pulse counter for energy meters, digital I/O interface.

The real time operating system Nut/OS is ported on the board.

Nut/OS is an intentionally simple RTOS for the ATmega128, which provides a minimum of services to run Nut/Net, the TCP/IP stack. Its features include:

  • Non-preemptive multithreading.

  • Events.

  • Periodic and one-shot timers.

  • Dynamic heap memory allocation.

  • Interrupt driven streaming I/O.

Supported Equipment
  • ZVLC


  • OPLC

  • HWHC

  • KW2104

  • KW2108

  • KYZ

  • Preferred

  • Sensor Phone

  • RS-232 serial port with on-board DB-9 connector

  • LED indicators for power supply, programming
    mode and Ethernet activity

  • Single power supply DC 9-15V / 1A

  • RS485 adapter;

  • 3 opto-coupled digital inputs + 1 opto-coupled output.

  • 1-wire interface for possible connection of
    temperature sensor

  • 2 analog inputs.

  • 32Kbytes EEPROM with I2C interface