Product Information

The One Pipe Local Controller OPLC-2100 provides control of the amount of steam in the One Pipe Heating Systems to regulate the amount of heat (thermal energy) supplied to a building. The OPLC will cycle the Boiler ON/OFF or the steam Zone Valve Open/Close according to the outdoor temperature; average indoor temperature feedback and condensate return temperature feedback.

In addition the OPLC control the boiler flame modulation in order to maintain the required steam pressure during the ON cycle.

OPLC-2100 works as a standalone controller, when it is connected to a communication processor, which furnishes the apartments real time average indoor temperature it will greatly improve the heating supply efficiency and avoid apartment over/under-heating.

When the OPLC-2100 is connected to the Local Server it can be monitored and controlled from the local Intranet and/or Internet with appropriate authentications.

  • Automatic control of the boiler ON/OFF, or the zone valve Open/Close cycling time in accordance with operation settings and measured temperatures or manual setting of the delivered amount of heat.

  • Adjustable Day and Night modes of operation.

  • Adjustable Winter (Heating Season) and Summer modes of operation.

  • Programmable Heat Up and Cool Down set points.

  • Morning Boost period up to 120 min.

  • Provides compensator control for unusual weather conditions

  • Displays outdoor and heating system (condensate return) sensors temperature.

  • Temperature sensors malfunction processing and indicating (open/short situations).

  • Displays the control cycle parameters and valve status.

  • Adaptable to different types of temperature sensors and valve actuators.

  • Failsafe mode of operation.

  • 4-20mA analog input for steam pressure measurement.

  • PID controlled analog output 4-20mA or digital potentiometer for flame modulations to maintain the required steam pressure during the boiler ON cycle.

  • Simple calibration procedure for the temperature sensors.

  • Internal real-time clock/calendar with backup battery.

  • Automatic storage of setup values. No loss of setup values during power outage for extended time.

  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time clock adjustment.

  • Locally controlled by the four-button keypad and convenient menu.

  • Password protection for the critical settings.

  • Remotely controlled and/or monitored through the RS485 interface